Tap into Martial Arts Insider's expertise to boost staff productivity and utilize cutting edge software tools.

Microsoft Office 365 management

Microsoft's cloud offering of Office 365 provides robust productivity software and collaboration tools that were previously accessible to large organizations and enterprises with their own Windows servers. Martial Arts Insider will managed the technical setup, deployment and maintenance for your team.

Cloud software

Microsoft Office is now available as a software-as-a-service subscription. In addition to the standard Word, Excel and Powerpoint, plans include Sharepoint and Exchange Email Server which are enterprise level products that will give your organization powerful tools to manage your business.

Access files anywhere

With Microsoft One Drive and Sharepoint Sites you are able to view, edit and create files at the office, at home, or on the go on your mobile phone. Advanced sharing and permission levels ensure only staff members with the right permission levels can view or edit company files. Plus you get the added security of having roll-back versions and data backups.

Best email & calendar

Microsoft Outlook is the best email and calendar client available for a business. Martial Arts Insider will help you setup a zero-inbox system for department emails, tracking client issues and responses, creating automated rules to archive important emails and have shared inbox access.

Team collaboration

In addition to being able to share file access, Office 365 allows multiple staff members to edit a document at the same time with the web-based version of Microsoft Office. Skype for Business provides your organization its own team instant messenger, video and audio conferencing, virtual meetings and presentations.

Billing systems

Credit card & bank processing

Martial Arts Insider will help you get the best credit card and bank ach payment rates while being protected from hidden fees, crazy cancellation fees and other shady tactics used in the processing industry. We'll make sure everything is 100% transparent and you fully understand the true costs of using a provider. Zero-cost processing solutions are also available.

Unified billing

Martial Arts Insider provides a payment gateway that integrates orders from your website, POS, online payment forms, and phone payments into one system. Offer your clients installment plans and recurring billing, access real-time reporting and process credit, debit and bank payments from one interface. Best of all, our proprietary gateway is fully integrated into your Martial Arts Insider website.

Cloud phone systems

Cloud phone

For the same cost of just one phone line you can have an enterprise level phone system that allows you to turn your phone into a powerful marketing tool while providing better customer service. Martial Arts Insider will setup and manage your phone system for you. You can now take calls at your organization with a real phone, on your smartphone or computer.

Advanced features

Martial Arts Insider will setup your phone system with the best practices in marketing and customer service. Get all the advanced features previously only available with expensive on-site PBX phone systems, including call attendants, departments, call queues, call recording, information IVR trees, customized hold music, faxing, video and audio conferencing, and the ability to handle hundreds of simultaneous calls.

Ultimate flexibility

Receive calls, faxes, voicemail, video calls and host audio conferences from anywhere. Easily change hold music, IVR menus, give staff their own extensions, route to your cell phone, protect your personal cell phone number and send faxes from the included smartphone apps.

Professional voice overs

Martial Arts Insider will record your IVR tree messages with professional voice over talent and create custom hold music to showcase your products, services and customer feedback to enhance your brand impression when customers and prospects call you.

Managed Staffing

Phone answering service

Choosing Martial Arts Insider's call center staff to answer your school's calls gives you the added benefit of having agents with full access and training on Martial Arts Insider's website and marketing platform. We will be able to help register prospects into sales pipelines, support web transactions and provide technical web support instead of just taking a message.

Virtual assistants

Martial Arts Insider can also provide dedicated part-time or full-time virtual assistants to help take the small tasks off your plate, whether it is answering your phone calls, scheduling appointments, updating files, sales prospecting, data entry or managing email we have your covered.