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Podcast Episode 1: Welcome to MAinsider

In MAinsider’s first official podcast episode, Hersh and Rob share MAinsider’s mission to help school owners attract and keep more students while building a free professional business community of martial arts school owners. Learn how to get Rob Colasanti and Jay Abraham’s Martial Arts Marketing and Profit Making System for Free.

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Does Sparring Cause Martial Arts Students to Quit?

Sparring is a cornerstone of martial arts training. Testing your skills against an opponent and practicing techniques in a simulated fight scenario seems like a fundamental part of what a martial arts school should be teaching. However, many school owners have strong or mixed feelings on how requiring students to spar affects retention. Some school owners simply don’t teach sparring at all afraid they will lose students and others like Master Chris Rappold says it is simply a matter of how you position sparring to your students.

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Important Martial Arts School Metrics

One of the most important things you can do in your martial arts school is to begin tracking and analyzing your school’s daily, weekly, monthly and yearly numbers. You’ve got to make it a habit, just like brushing your teeth in the morning.

In fact, I suggest that you never shut your martial arts school down for the evening until you’ve tallied and reviewed that day’s statistics. That requires self-discipline. But is vital to your martial arts school’s success. Today, many student management software or even an excel spreadsheet make tracking school statistics very easy.

Here are a few key numbers that you should make sure you’re looking at each and every day:

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8 Ways to Increase Your Martial Arts School’s Gross Income

When running a martial arts school, you do not want to depend solely on the revenue you earn from your core program. Instead, you want to create multiple streams of revenue, just as most other successful businesses do.

First, when you create multiple income streams, your school will be much stronger and more stable. You’ll be in a far better position to weather bad economic conditions, shifts in the market, seasonal fluctuations and competitors’ challenges. If your only source of revenue is your main martial arts program then you’ll really feel the pinch if that martial arts program suddenly declines, for some reason.

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Google’s Algorithm Update Favors Responsive Websites

If your martial arts school’s website is not responsive you are likely losing up to two-thirds of your potential leads instantly. Not having a mobile friendly website causes visitors on mobile devices to have to zoom in and scroll left and right to properly read the website. Usability studies have shown this is one of the most annoying things to make a visitor to website to do and more than 80% of website visitors will immediately leave your martial arts school’s website.

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